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The United Kingdom - London


The United Kingdom, or Britain, is made up of GREAT BRITAIN (England, Wales and Scotland), together with Northern Ireland. Its full title is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK). It is a big island. Along the coast of Great Britain there are many seaside resorts with sandy beaches, hotels, parks and pleasure grounds. Lots of people spend their holidays there.
More than 60 million people live in the United Kingdom. 12 million of them live in London (with all its suburbs), which is the capital of England. It has been the capital city for about a thousand years. London lies on the River Thames. London is 52 kilometers in diameter. It is a very busy and crowded city. In it there are lots of interesting things to see, like old and modern buildings, historical places, museums, art galleries, concert halls, large parks and the zoo. In London there are also lots of fine shops and department stores, hotels and restaurants. . In Trafalgar Square you can see Nelson's Monument. It is a tall column with a figure Nelson on top. Nelson was a famous English admiral who lived in the eighteenth century. Piccadilly Circus is very small but it is a famous part of London with a lot of cinemas, shops and hotels. Oxford Street is the shopping centre of London. There are lots of large department stores in Oxford Street. On of the most popular is Selfridges with more than two hundred departments. Thousands of tourists visit London every year. On return, you will fall in love some with complete strangers, some with not such utter strangers, but everyone with London. MORE >>



Rome (Italian Roma) is the capital of Italy. Rome is the Eternal City. For more than five centuries Rome was one of the largest and certainly the most powerful and glamorous of the cities of the western world. Without a doubt, Rome, Italy, is one of the world's most grandiose, beautiful, and unique cities. The best times of the year to visit are April, May, and late September through October.
Lido Di Jesolo... The summer resort on the Adriatic , sunken into the abounding Mediterranean vegetation... And nerby is Venice (Santa Maria della Salute), Padua (its University at which Galileo Galilei lectured dates back to 1222, Donatello's "Gatamellate", Giotto's frescoes...), Verona and its lovers, Fiorence queen of Renaissance...


Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a compact, instantly lovable city. Amsterdam is a party town 365 days a year. Yes, Amsterdam has its Red Light District and hash-selling coffee shops. With its many museums, colorful tulips, peaceful canals and seventeenth-century architecture, Amsterdam fascinates every visitor.


Berlin - Germany

Favourite tourist attractions and famous german cities are Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich. Berlin is the German capital and the country's largest metropolis... Berlin is the most cosmopolitan and exciting city in Germany for art, architecture, and nightlife. Fans of history and art should not miss the huge Museum Island (Museumsinsel, also known as the Museum Quarters), which belongs to the most visited sights Berlin tourists are heading for. Berlin Mitte (Berlin city center) is the city's historic heart and comes up with the most famous landmarks and most visited attractions of Berlin Germany, including the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden Boulevard, Potsdamer Platz and the Alexanderplatz with the Berlin TV Tower . The Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) is a former city gate and the symbol of Berlin, Germany. Be sure to visit the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Berlin is the best place to examine the complexity of modern Germany.



GREEK ISLANDS... Rhodes, the hilly Titan caressed by warm winds that emerges from the Aegean like some guardian before the shores of Asia Minor . Wine, olives, the ancient Hellenic culture... This is island that won the favor of Alexander the Great in 334 B.C.; the Colossus of Rhodes toppled into the sea in 224 B.C. ... and on the acropolis in Lindos Athena's temple, for eternity, over the Aegean azure ... the famed Faliraki beach... Or perhaps you prefer Corfu? " Halt, the imperial galleys...!" The apartments in Ipsos, the hotels near Corfu- town, in Dasia, on Paleocastrisa, at Kontokali ... Whether you will rent them to organize your stay there by yourself, or just to stay overnight and have breakfast, or you wish an all-inclusive program the decision is yours. If you are writing a diary: a mere twelve days may be fuller than a lifetime. Glifada, the well-known summer resort in the immediate vicinity of Athens has said good-bye to the noise that irritated swimmers on the beautiful sandy beaches as the new Athens airport opened. Acropolis, city bustle, shopping the choice is yours!



Limassol or Laranca. Miles long sandy beaches, or swiming pools... Coupled with lively Greek music in the night ... Enjoy, but do tour the Wall in Nicosia, the small 'Berlinsque' one, just so you could remind yourself of the absurdity of divisions of the good old world...



Memories of the Maltese knights ... San Elmo, the symbol of La Valleta ... Sea, sea and you are accommodated at an apartment or at one of the ten five to two-star hotels for eight or fifteen days... Nice!

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