Why is solar energy not being used on a large scale?

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Nuclear power, or simple, solar energy? In spite of the fierce opposition of the activists of the environment protection movement, some of the most highly developed countries of the world are again bringing forth the decisions about quickening the process of building nuclear power stations. It seems that, concerning the cases of sudden genetic deformities in plants, animals and humans after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as after Chernobyl and many other similar disasters, the statistic is so unconvincing because nuclear programmes are political, and not professional orientation. One Million of children has perished from the consequences of bombing (hunger, chemical pollution, disease...) in Iraq. Even a thousand animals would be too much. Peace can not be introduced with weapons!
If restructuring of production towards more profitable branches of industry, along with reduction of the accompanying costs in energy, is a fundamental precondition for the economic growth in the world , in the rich North as well as in the poor South, why is solar energy not being used. If we know that in that way the cost of heating, for example, would be reduced by more than sixty percent?

In one hour, the sun gives the Earth the same amount of energy as that consumed by all humanity in one year. As long as the Earth exists, the sun's energy will be inexhaustible. And why the process of globalization so deeply and aggressively permeates all spheres, except for those in which unrestricted exploitation and destruction of the environment are becoming legitimate. The gap between rich and poor has grown wider than ever. Today, half the world's wealth is in the hands of the richest two percent of the population. Can such disparities be maintained?
According to certain sociologists, nuclear power stations are the means that perhaps irrevocably determine the aims, who in turn again irrevocably impose certain political decisions, equally devastating for the planet as a whole. Should the statesmen be changing their logic, or...?

The sociologists warn us that the ideas and the environment are polluted, while the authors dealing with marketing assert that marketing managers in the economy will be immediately be forced to cede their places to marketing ecologists, for the production development programmes, with their absolute ignoring of the environment protection, will produce a feedback effect.
The world can be a harmonious and beautiful place. So what are we waiting for?

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