About Mercedes-Benz (Brand history)


The name Mercedes-Benz is the most innovative automobile company in the world. When Daimler-Motoren-Gasellschaft (DMG) produced the first Mercedes on December 22, 1900, it set off dynamic development which, in the late 20th century, led to the creation of a global company, the DaimlerChrysler AG. The first man who bought a Mercedes was businessman Emil Jellinek, who, as the distributor of the Daimler brand, convinced the DMG company leadership on April 2, 1900, that chief engineer Wilhelm Maybach should construct a fast, light and safe vehicle. Jellinek then made another suggestion, namely, that the new vehicle be named after his youngest daughter, Mercedes. Since that time, the three-pointed star symbolizes vehicles which cruise along roads, sail across water and fly.


Why Mercedes Benz is the best car to buy...


In the United States (USA), Mercedes-Benz has always been positioned as a high-luxury brand. Mercedes-Benz offers the widest possible choice of vehicles, both for those who love a fast ride in a coupe , or afield vehicle , as well as for private companies and big companies as reliable help in their work. Innovation, design, performance, safety, environment - all in one!
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Mercedes-Benz Accessories and Parts


Mercedes-Benz Accessories and Parts


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