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It is not simple to strip a creative process, how to process matter, conform it to the artist’s will, conception, perception. That is a complex process in which the conscious and unconscious are interwoven. An attempt at rationalization often leads to distortion, or betrayal of the very act. There is the basis – the method of construction – which is shaped into an idea. There is knowledge about the work of formal elements, which are activated in the function of intent. Sometimes, the are clear, sometimes, just hinted at.

The composite units require that every factor must be individually processed, so that they could than be further coordinated into whole.

Plans, mass, plasticity, structure, relevant relation between all the factors – direction, composition, rhythm, intervals in space, movement, etc. – are activated in the final existence of the work. Shadows, light, nuance, expanse, diversity, unity of shape, all this in the function of expression. Such a stand belongs to a vision of sculpture as a being in space.


Wood Abstract Sculpture

"Depth of Fear" (2000)

Depth of Fear by XAL

Designer: XAL


Availability: One of a kind

Materials: Wood

100% Hand Made

Style: Abstract

Size: 10cm Wide x 20cm Tall x 16cm Long

Sale Price: Not For Sale

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